About Us

Who We Are

WE Bots is a robotics club in the faculty of Engineering at the University of Western Ontario. It is the intent of the club to provide a comfortable and open environment to build autonomous robots and learn how they are designed and constructed. The club aims to promote a positive university experience for its members and promote intellectual growth for the long-term benefit of the club and members, and ultimately to the university as a whole.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Western Engineering Robotics Club (WE Bots) is to provide an open atmosphere where students of any discipline and any skill level are welcome to learn about, and construct robots. While there maybe one or more main projects being carried out at any time, students are free to work on their own projects (both for school projects, or personal fun) or devote their time to one of the main project(s). Further, students are encouraged to teach one another, and help those that may not yet have experience building robots, developing circuits, or programming microcontrollers. Along with our primary goal, we are trying to build a strong knowledge base in the hands-on construction of robots, from the mechanical systems, to the electronic circuits, and even the software to run the robots. Any student with any level of skill is therefore invited to join us and participate where he/she feels led, and hopefully learn a great deal along the way.

Our long term goal is to create a strong group of students well grounded in the principles of robotics and able to create new and innovative robots capable of carrying out a variety of complex tasks. Further, we envision a core team of students that take robots developed at UWO to competitions around the world in an effort to showcase the talent of Western students.